Wednesday, August 4, 2010


The word abundance has really been dominating my mind these last few days. I've been very blessed. I have a wonderful spouse of 26 years and our love deepens with time. Who gets that? Not many people and I realize how blessed I am. For that alone.

I have four great adult children, three with college educations and solid careers that they love. My youngest is still in college, but with her strength and determination I know she'll find her way and amaze me yet again.

I live in a place that is like's currently over-run with tourists because of it's beauty and bounty of parks, stunning vistas and spectacular sunsets. The Aurora Borealis was visible last night here. Once again, who gets that? And I have this beautiful landscape in which we've built a life every single day. I make sure not to take it for granted.

And then there's the sky...oh yes, the sky! How can we not marvel at the sheer beauty of the sky alone? We ALL have that, and I make certain to take note each and every day so I don't miss anything.
Yes, I am blessed. It's not about worldly possessions, it's not about what I've accomplished in my life and it's certainly not about stockpiling meaningless "things." It's about having a rich life. love, great friends and daily beauty.
I'll be thinking about abundance today.

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