Sunday, June 27, 2010

Getting there.

I think I'm getting better. I was able to complete all the laundry yesterday (6 beds + towels + regular laundry) and make up all the beds fresh. It took me all day with numerous breaks/naps in between, but I would not have been able to do that a week ago. This is my week to clean house and the weather forecast is spectacular so I decided to heck with it; I'm not cleaning. I'm going to have fun! Fun for me is hiking with my dogs, kayaking, lunch with friends, baking, reading and laying in my pool.

I am also tracking my son's progress on the Long Trail in VT. He is my son for sure because this is the kind of stuff I like to do/used to do before getting sick. Our kids have been virtually everywhere hiking and backpacking - all 48 lower states and overseas as well. There's a guy who blogged/photographed his hike so I am following along day by day to see what
my son & my nephew are seeing. If you're interested, the URL is:
However; they are going in the opposite direction so you have to begin with his last day and work backward.

This week I've been reminded that "MEAN PEOPLE SUCK." A friend of my daughter's -
essentially orphaned (mom died, never knew dad), living with relatives - was thrown out for getting a body piercing. The relatives even called the police, who sided with the young lady. We've offered our home to her (standing offer for several years). It may come to be, who knows. But she truly has nobody in the world except her friends and a few of us moms who've adopted her. I call her every Sunday and have done so for over a year now. I don't get her relatives or her "dad" (who I call her sperm donor, because he is unworthy of the title) who tell her she is disgusting, a loser, fat and stupid. And she is none of those. In fact, she achieved academic honors in her freshman year at Michigan State University. I don't understand mean people. The whole concept of "evil" is something I don't like thinking about but ponder a lot.

I am praying for a better week. I can't believe next weekend is 4th of July!