Friday, June 24, 2011

Well, here goes

I had the adrenal stimulation test and it was normal. It wasn't too bad. Then I had an ultrasound of my spleen and liver, which you wouldn't think would be bad but it was very uncomfortable as they moved the hand-held device over my abdomen, pushing down on a few very sore areas. It left me with a tender abdomen. My doctor's office called last evening to say that the ultrasound didn't show anything shocking, just what it usually looks like (enlarged spleen, cirrhosis, etc.).

So, I have no answers for now. I am simply exhausted and still feel like something is not right. It's just not normal to get petechiae on your legs unless your platelet count is VERY low. Mine is low, but not that low. And other symptoms I am having do not have any explanation. So, now it's just wait.

After a rough evening, I slept well and feel a bit better today. I'm hoping that this was just a virus or flu or something like that. I'll keep you posted with new developments.