Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lots going on

I finally have my appointment to see the liver transplant specialist to be evaluated. My appointment is December 17. I am eager to get credible information and learn about my options. This appointment is simply a consultation; after this appointment, I will have to be admitted into the hospital for a few days of testing, including a liver biopsy (ugh) - one of the most painful of medical procedures. But it isn't my first so at least I know what to expect.

My life has been uncontrollably busy this past week for many reasons. I'm intimately involved in planning the funeral for my friend who died last week. Her funeral will not be held until Nov. 6 due to a myriad of circumstances. Also, each year our community has a Thanksgiving feast for the needy and those who are alone so they will have a lovely traditional meal with fellowship. We also deliver meals to the homebound. I've been the volunteer coordinator for this event for 2 years as this is something I am able to do. It involves fielding calls for volunteers and putting them into slots for the various volunteer needs that day. Our entire family participates for the duration of the meals (there are 2 seatings and it is held at a very beautiful place with china and fine linens to make guests feel extra special). It truly is a community event - churches, businesses and individuals all come together to pitch in and get it done. Top chefs in our area cook a delicious meal and I'm honored to help in my small way. We also got a new puppy, which has been fabulous. She's the cutest dog ever and her picture is shown on the right. I'm a dog lover and this is great therapy for me, but it involves a lot more attention and makes my days busier - but....the good far outweighs the bad. She's a keeper. And...yup, she has a china blue eye - rare in Border Collies.

So I am really off-balance. I have to pace myself to get through each week and it's been nearly impossible to do so due to circumstances. I have to help ensure that my friend has a funeral that is in alignment with her wishes, which is uncanny - she shared them with me in a casual conversation in August. And the other things are simply beyond my control. I also have to do the work of grieving, which is nothing you can control. It comes in waves and at most unexpected times. I am having a difficult time sleeping, which is very common for those with Hep C. I can fall asleep easily, but I've been sleeping only 4-5 hours a night and I need 9. So, whatever your personal beliefs I would ask for prayers and positive energy sent my way. It's been a very rough year and I will be very happy when we flip the calendar to 2011.