Thursday, September 22, 2011

gratitude and fear

I thought I was getting better .....just a little each day, but then today: BAM! and I wake up terribly ill. The fear: I will never feel better. But I'm hoping and praying and so are lots of folks.

SO MANY people have pulled together to help me through the last few weeks. I've gotten cards, visits, calls, flowers, PJ's, meals, and many prayers. I can feel the love and I am so filled with gratitude, it's hard to express. I don't know what I did to deserve it. I am just on my knees.

I just learned of a doctor I worked with in the 1980's. A brilliant man who ended up as Chief of Staff at a major medical institution. He was just diagnosed with Hepatitis C, and I would guess he got it the same way I did; occupational exposure. Another sad story. His has advanced to liver cancer and he awaits a transplant.

So thanks everyone. And I'm keeping hope alive. Not giving up. I'm simply not accustomed to asking for help and/or getting help. But I am very humbled. To the point of tears.