Monday, September 6, 2010

Some things are meant to be

It's a rainy, dreary Labor Day here in Michigan. I actually love rainy days and we've been treated to an occasional clap of thunder. It's been a bit of a sad weekend too, as one year ago our youngest daughter's very close friend's only sibling, a brother, was killed in a boating accident. He was 15 and he is lovingly missed. He was one of those young people that made an impact on our community in his too-short life. I'm thinking about you RJJ; I hope you are at peace.

This past week several events have taken place that could best be summed up by:
This was meant to be.
Sometimes things happen in life that bring two people together; bonded forever by the simplest of events and sometimes through tragedy. That's happened a lot to me since I've been fighting Hep C - I've met people I never would have met otherwise and I know the bonds are simply meant to be.

I'm about to do one of the most difficult things I've ever done in my life. It's far too personal to share on my blog (I am actually a very private person) but once it is done the consequences are irreversible. I have the support of my husband, family and my dearest friends. This decision has taken a toll on my body as well; I had blood work done last week and my platelet count is the lowest it has ever been - even lower then when I was on chemo. Stress and emotional upheaval certainly affect the body and when you have a chronic illness the link is unmistakable. Again, this decision is one of those things that are meant to be, of that I am certain.

We are leaving for a 3-week vacation to Santa Fe, New Mexico. I am very skilled at putting things behind me once I leave; it's a crucial skill for a nurse who observes horrendous things on a daily basis - you have to walk out of that hospital and shut out all the things you've just seen and go home to normalcy. It sounds much easier than it is but I believe it's a skill that is developed over time and I think I have it pretty well mastered. So I will be drawing upon that skill to enjoy myself with the best man I know for the next few weeks. Until then, Adios and may you have a peaceful September.

And.....may you experience some things that are simply meant to be.