Sunday, August 15, 2010

Inspired, a poem is formed

Spherical Thoughts

One cell divides, 2, 4, 8.....
Then differentiates into a bird, a bear,
a human being.
The spheres uniquely creating a one-of-a-kind form of

The soul is the great mystery;
the unknown which science cannot explain or diagram.
What is its shape or form?
Beauty lies in the mystery; the sacred, holy unknown and unseen.

Our spherical cells contain our unique genetic code
and while DNA is a helix on which spherical codes make up our unique sequence,
it is known there are no two alike.

My cells are uniquely aberrant, as each contain a parasite
feeding on my code, passed on by a stranger with whom I share a blood-bond.
His spherical invader attached itself to each cell of my body, our life sentences intertwined.
Every attempt to rid myself of this unwelcome invader has failed.
The stranger and I bound by a sphere that connects us to eternity.

I am my mother, my father and all ancestors before me.
My children are me, my spouse and all our collective ancestors before us.
Yet I carry this sphere that clings only to my cells
making me different from my own.
A stranger's blood courses through my veins.

Spheres represent the eternal circle of life, love; of planets and suns and the fabric of humanity and the cosmos.
The sunrise and sunset; the moon and stars; the tide....all results of spherical bodies rotating in circular patterns, a 24-hour cycle of day and night.
I ponder this form and consider its impact on this one insignificant life, at this point in time......
And see hope, beauty and a familiar pattern of comfort that connects life and eternity in one revolving galaxy, where order is maintained, the future is predictable and I may once again be whole and bask in the gray mystery of the soul.

I step back and smile, thinking how superb are those things known and unknown, as I move the ring on my finger and consider the perfect form.