Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November is here!

Following a rough Sept/October and after a trial of 4 different medications, I think we finally got it right! I am feeling so much better -sleeping GREAT, able to do more things and very thankful for a boost of energy just before the holiday season begins. I know I'm ready to tackle a big Thanksgiving dinner and my kids will all be home. I love to cook and cooking for my family is simply the best. I can't wait!

Today I realized (duh) that I don't have boundless energy. In my mind I always do, but my body doesn't cooperate. I washed & waxed my car; cleaned the inside as well. It is such a gorgeous day I decided to rake some leaves. We have 3 major yard segments, and my goal was to complete one of them. I got to raking and ran out of steam - became completely pooped out with only half done. I know when I've reached my limit; I simply cannot go beyond a certain point or I will spend the next day paying for over-doing. So I stopped. And I don't feel sorry for myself; instead, I am grateful for what I WAS able to do.

And...while many days are quiet - nary a phone call, I can say I love the solitude. I turn inward, to God, and finding beauty. I am hand-making a bunch of Christmas gifts this year and it's been a fun, creative process. I never run out of books to read or things to do. I have to make up for all the time I've been so sick!

I am hoping that the beginning of November marks a turning point. Two major milestones in my grieving process occurred in October of last year and I grieved them appropriately this year. With that behind me and looking forward to what's ahead - I think the end of the year is going to end just right.