Thursday, September 2, 2010

A new inspiration

Well, I've finished reading yet another book about coping with chronic illness that left me feeling quite disappointed. Most books on the topic are either scholarly works written by people who treat those with chronic illness but understand little of how such illnesses can shatter a life. Other books, written by those who suffer from illness barely scratch the surface; they often have self-serving, ulterior motives for the book OR I find them sorely lacking in depth. I want to read something that goes deep. Real deep.

Realizing I've been in the nursing field for 34 years and having not only much experience as well as having a chronic disease got my wheels turning. I've had two manuscripts published in peer-reviewed journals, so I am not a novice in the field of writing and publication. But I'm also not an experienced or accomplished author. I spoke with an academic colleague who has published major works (mostly nursing textbooks), and asked her opinion about writing this type of book.he She wholeheartedly supported my idea and felt such a publication is sorely needed. I feel very inspired to write a comprehensive publication -not a textbook - but something that digs deeply into "hidden" chronic illness. Hepatitis C certainly fits that category. Being a paraplegic does not, and while paraplegia is a horrible condition most people recognize that the condition exists and treats the person differently than say, for example, I might be treated since I do not appear sick in the classical sense. I am inspired. I feel like I'm getting tugged on to do this; write a comprehensive book about hidden chronic illness that can serve health care professionals, persons with the disease AND their friends and families. It will require a lot of time and research but I think most can be done at home. I also have a couple of connections in the publishing world and I certainly have immense determination! So, guess what? Sue is writing a book. Not yet - I just have an outline and ideas put to paper at this point, but when I return from vacation I'm going to get started. If you have any ideas/insights to share, please do so. I also wish to interview people with other chronic hidden conditions to add real life stories and put faces to the disease and pay honor to the daily struggles some of us face. The tenacity and strength of the human spirit never ceases to amaze. I go again on a new adventure. I've never shied away from a challenge, and I am not a quitter so get ready to see what lies ahead. At this point my mind is swirlin' with ideas and I'm ready to dive in!