Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I had my hair done today. Thinking back, I sure have had many iterations of hairdos. I had straight blonde hair as a child, stereotypical long hair in high school (70's) and then went to short hair in 1987 after I had my 3rd child. Each pregnancy seemed to darken my hair slightly, turning it a dirty blonde by the time my 4th and last child was born. It was a very drab color, so I've had it colored blonde most of the time since. I did go dark once and didn't like it. Until I began treatment in 2006, I did not truly know what color my "real" hair was anymore. I lost most of my hair during treatment. It came out in patches and I finally shaved the rest off. Same thing during my second round, but that time all of my hair fell out. I got a wig to wear in public so as not to scare people, but went around bald at home. I tell ya, men have it made. Being bald = hair freedom. When my hair started coming back it was the strangest thing: it was white and fuzzy/curly. Then it kinda got wavy and was gray/ash. It was hideous so I grew it back and saw the "real" color (horrible) for the first time in years. Once it got long enough, I had it colored and have since. Well, I am really going gray now, well actually white. My dad has pure white hair - the kind that is beautiful, pure white. My hair is much more gray now than my 77 year-old mother's is so I'm thinking my hair is more like my dad and once it's all white, I'm going to stop coloring it. My hairdresser will know and doesn't think it will be too long. Wow, all white hair. I'm getting old and that's a good thing!