Saturday, November 5, 2011

Most days are good, but not today

When I have a really good day I tend to make the most of it. Yesterday was one of those days - I ran a bunch of errands and was on the go most of the day.

And guess what? Today I am paying the price. I am exhausted, in pain and feel lousy. But I am not going to change anything. When I feel well, I still need to take advantage and do as much as I can EVEN if it means being down for the count the next day. I cannot and will not take it easy on a good day. I feel as though I MUST do as much as possible when I can. Live life to the fullest when I am able.

So, I am still in my jammies and taking it real easy. A good book, a cup of coffee and time with my spouse are all I need today. Oh, and can't forget my dogs! My life would be so lonely without them. I always think about what people are missing in not having pets. One of our dogs in particular is very intuitive when it comes to my health. She's always by my side when I'm not doing so hot.

But my mantra stands: Doing my very best, every day.