Monday, July 5, 2010

My place of worship

My husband and I were able to take that kayak trip today; we just returned. I slept well and woke up feeling rested. He was up and getting everything ready. We have a favorite spot to kayak and usually go 2-3 times a year. It's so secluded and it's actually a protected nature sanctuary. This time we tried something different - instead of going one way with the current and then riding bikes back to the car, we turned around and paddled against the current. Is was the perfect day to do so; the wind was coming in strongly from the west and overcame the current of the river. I just love love love it. I can't go very long without getting into the woods. Before I was sick, I carried a pair of X-country skis in my car during winter and my hiking boots and smartwools during summer in case I got the urge on my way home from work (which I often did). Nature is definitely balm for my spirit, just as good as any church service. I am so thankful I felt well enough to go.

This week I am hoping to get the diabetes thing figured out. I'm having bloodwork again on Wed. and I'm going to try to see my doctor before the end of the week. I'm hoping he will let me have a glucometer to take home and keep a diary of my blood sugars for a couple of weeks. I am hoping that it was high due to bodily stress from another virus. It's certainly possible, so I want to be absolutely sure before I begin any diabetes medication. I don't want another diagnosis, but I'll deal with whatever it is. It's going to be so hard to forego eating chocolate! Grrrr.........