Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hepatitis C and emotional health

It's one thing to deal with large, emotional issues when one is healthy; we have the resources available within ourselves to think logically, draw upon our support network, go to work and forget about it for a spell and eventually resolve the issue. Move on. And perhaps God meets us there too (if that's what you believe).

In the wonderful & vastly comprehensive book Hepatitis C Choices, 4th Edition ( Tina M. St. John, MD and Lorren Sandt), every topic imaginable is covered for the person with HCV. On p. 341, they cite the results of a study of hundreds of HCV patients at a large clinic, which concluded that half of their patients reported "significant strain or actual loss of at least one relationship." 1 in 10 had lost complete contact with at least 1 person in their former close circle of friends. With this erosion of social support, stress and concern become magnified. Add that to dealing with feeling sick on a daily basis and there is a recipe for many emotional difficulties added to a body that is overtaxed and overburdened.

Well, this week was my week for some serious emotional havoc. It's slammed me down physically and I am crawling out. It's hard to pull out the reserves do deal with stress when you're barely able to get out of bed. Overload.

But the bright side is I'm a little better each day. And God is with me. Just praying that nothing bad happens for awhile; I need to get back to my version of "normal" where all I have to deal with is my illness and everything else is smooth. Is that even possible? I'd like to think it is.