Monday, July 11, 2011

Pain Care Bill of Rights

Whew! Storms passed. Roads are closed, trees down and deaths reported - none in my immediate neighborhood though. The worst is over so.....
I've been seeing a hospice bereavement counselor per my doctor's advice, and it has been tremendously helpful. She gave this to me recently.
Pain Care Bill of Rights
* The right to have your report of pain taken seriously and to be treated with dignity and respect by doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other health care professionals.
*The right to have your pain thoroughly assessed and promptly treated.
The right to be informed by your doctor about what may be causing your pain, possible treatments, and the benefits, risks and costs of each.
*The right to participate actively in decisions about how to manage your pain.
*The right to have your pain re-assessed regularly and your treatment adjusted if your pain has not been eased.
*The right to be referred to a pain specialist if your pain persists.
* The right to get clare and prompt answers to your questions takes time to make decisons, and refuse a particular type of treatment you choose.
Source: American Pain Foundation, National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization.

Developing healthy outlets.

We are getting severe weather so I need to get off the computer soon, but I wanted to just briefly talk about the importance of having an outlet for the emotions that come with chronic illness. It's imperative that we each find things that work for us. Personally, spiritual development, nature, art are my best outlets but not quite enough when I'm struggling emotionally. I find that writing - poetry in particular - is a great way to release the emotional and spiritual challenges I face. So, I am taking a big leap here and doing something that's really not comfortable for me, but sharing a poem I've written. I've literally written hundreds, but they are personal and for my viewing only. Here's my little gift to you today and I hope you like it!



A solitary feather floating on the still water

Her edges curled up, as if to embrace the universe

The constellations, the moonlight.

She was once an important part of a noble bird,

Now plucked from her former place of importance

She drifts along with the night sky singing its song.

What will become of her?

An intrinsic part of a soft home for hatchlings?

A treasured collection of a young boy or girl?

A device to tickle the chin?

Or, will she go back to the universe unnoticed

Her purpose fully known and complete.

A soft breeze folds up under her

And she is in flight, free to explore her next destination.

Accepting her final resting place, wherever it may be.

Knowing that while small, her purpose important

Whether complete or starting anew.

~ Nurse Practitioner Sue