Saturday, August 14, 2010

This 'n that

I've been feeling a bit better. A very brave friend of mine just quit her job of 17 years and is beginning her first management position, which is a HUGE step. She is a cancer survivor and she simply feels ready for a challenge, in a new business where people don't know her as "so-and-so, the cancer survivor." I am so proud and in awe of her courage, and I am inspired.

Jumping around today, I also have a friend who is in close touch with her "inner-child." She's very aware of the child inside of her that she nurtures and celebrates. I support her and think this is totally cool, but just can't connect with it. I can't even figure out if I have an inner child. But I do know this.....I have a inner teenager! No doubt about it - I am very much in touch with my inner teen. Early this week, I went shopping with my 19 (almost 20) year-old daughter for college supplies. We had the stereo cranked up high to old Elton John, very obscure stuff that wasn't famous (which she happens to love as much as I) and were singing at the top of our lungs. She was trying on really cute, young adult style dresses and I tried a few on too...and we laughed at how she looked adorable and I looked, well.....dowdy. I also like to be rebellious and tend to be a bit of a trouble-maker (benign trouble, not anything serious). I pull pranks and do goofy things - I did my share this week, and I have decided that I am indeed in touch with my inner teenager. Watch out! And just one more thing related to young women and girls these days (sorry guys) - I just don't get this whole bra thing nowadays. In my day, any attempt to make the breasts look larger than natural was considered, well, tacky. We were the generation of "bra-less" and going commando. These days bras are super padded, with lifts and wires and all sorts of uncomfortable inserts that make the breasts look twice as big as they really are! What is up with that?! It's a phenomenon I just don't understand at all! What happened to comfort? Cleavage seems to be the all-important goal. I hide mine thankyouverymuch. No reason to flaunt it. Kids these days! (yup, I sound like my mother).

But seriously, I did a lot of reading about Hep C this week, especially the use of OTC pain medications. They used to think that a person with HCV should limit Tylenol to no more than 1 gram per day. Now they feel that up to 3 grams is fine AS LONG AS NO ALCOHOL IS CONSUMED. That's no problem for me, I have not had an alcoholic beverage in years. Actually, Ibuprofen and Aspirin are NOT good options because of the way they are metabolized in the liver, and I've been taking them on and off. Both medications have anti-clotting properties, which is a problem for those with HCV. My platelet count runs very low (these are the cells in your blood that assist with clotting) and my Prothrombin time is prolonged (this is the amount of time it takes for Prothrombin to form a clot) I am hoping to make a few changes and maybe I will feel better. I do tend to bleed and bruise very easily.

I am hoping....actually needing....a couple of good weeks ahead. I want to help my son move back into his apartment, get my daughter off to her sophomore year of college and enjoy the Labor Day weekend. All I can do is try my best, as always, and hope it all works out. One day at a time, day at a time.