Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thoughts for a new book

I've decided that the creators of those ever-popular "how-to" books need to compile a book called "How to die for dummies and their loved ones." There is no road map, right or wrong....and there is certainly no easy button.

After a wonderful week of relaxation I've been bombarded with one crisis after another - far more than I am currently able to handle. My husband steps in and addresses the most difficult things and I am very grateful, but I truly don't know how he does it. I worry about him. He has a huge burden on his shoulders and it's not anything he has chosen. He assures me, with those beautiful brown eyes, that he's just fine and he will do anything that is required - just say the word. How blessed I am.

I do know this: it's imperative to take care of myself with gentleness. It's also important to nurture my soul, and I have many avenues to do that. Pacing is important too - I can't do too much in one day without a great deal of rest. Another thing is knowing when to turn off the news; I find I have little tolerance for news stories that involve violence or pain, so I shield myself from that. It seems like the world is shifting and it's easy to get off-balance (plus, I get literally off balance and fall at regular intervals from dizziness).

Today I'm going to think about love and all things good and light. About God and those who I am fortunate to have love me unconditionally. Those are pretty huge things, don't you think?