Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Greenview Foundation

I want to take a moment to give props to my friend, Debbie Green. She is the driving force behind The Greenview Foundation and is on the frontline of fighting Hepatitis C. Her foundation has already funded one clinical trial and she is currently raising money for a second. One of the most important goals of the Foundation is to fund research aimed at non-interferon based treatment for HCV, which I believe is VERY important. For anyone who has undergone interferon-based treatment, it is no picnic and a large number of people quit treatment due to its debilitating side effects. I went through two rounds of the stuff and you'd have to hog-tie me to get me to do it again. It was absolutely awful, particularly the 48 week option. I honestly wasn't sure I could do it, so finding a viable alternative is essential.

She raises funds in a variety of ways, but her cookbook is a big hit. Please check out her foundation's website at:

And....consider donating to the foundation or purchasing a cookbook; her foundation is highly respected and well organized. I'm also very fortunate to call Debbie my friend, and we met through my blog.
Hats off to Ms. Debbie Green of the Greenview Foundation for Hepatitis C Research! Who says one woman can't change the world?